Paradise beach in Lopar on island Rab

Lopar, small place on island Rab

Lopar is ideal place for vacation of your dreams!

Lopar is a popular tourist destination in the northern part of the island Rab.
Because of its beautiful sandy beaches, gastronomic traditions and cultural heritage he attained its brand.

Surely you did not know that Lopar on the island Rab is a place with the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast.
The most famous of these beaches is of course "Paradise Beach" which is about 1.5 kilometer long. Lopar has, part from that beach another 22 sandy beaches of which are three nudist beaches which are FKK Sahara, FKK Stolac i FKK Ciganka.

Clean and well-preserved nature, biking and trekking trails and many other facilities for adults and their children are a guarantee for a good holiday on this beautiful island of Rab and its place Lopar.

Goli otok ("Naked Island" - because there are no trees), who was a longtime political prison located in the immediate vicinity of Lopar is each year visited by increasing number of toursits in order to know more about its history.

Paradise beach in Lopar on island Rab
Paradise beach in Lopar on island Rab

Beaches in Lopar

Did you know lopar has 23 beaches?

As was previously stated Lopar is full of beaches and beautiful bays that are breathtaking, and has crystal clear waters. At the end of the "Paradise Beach" there is a port, after which there is Livačina beach that is perfect for young people, but also families with children. Also like "Paradise Beach", Livačina also has a volleyball court on the beach. On the opposite side of Lopar, not far from our apartments there is a beach "Veli Mel" which in recent years is having more and more people comming because its little less crowded.

If you're more for beaches with lesspeople, we recommend some of the smaller beaches that are still intact, and on them there are no tourist facilities, coffee bars and things like that, everything is pure nature..

Paradise beach in Lopar on island Rab
Paradise beach in Lopar on island Rab

History of small place Lopar

Both Lopar, and island Rab have really rich history!

Lopar as it exists today was created as a village that resisted the ravages of time from the Neolithic up to 4 century BC. Kr. Then at this location was created ancient Greek military fort, the remains of which still bear witness to history of Lopar.

From historical person certainly the most important was holy Marin, who lived in the 3rd and 4 century. By profession he was a stonemason. After the persecution of Christians Marin fled with his friend in Rimini, where they hid in the caves above the harbor. Later he was ordained a deacon and in the end he converted a lot of people to Christianity. He is considered as protector of the Republic of San Marino (the settlement in Lopar, Rab), deacons, stonemasons and falsely accused people.

In Lopar There are two churches, John the Baptist and the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebration is on eighth day of September. This day in Lopar is known as "Little Mary", and on that day in Lopar is by tradition local festival that occurs already many years in row.

Paradise beach in Lopar on island Rab
Paradise beach in Lopar on island Rab